Ladies and Gentlemen. Everyday miracles happen. Sometimes we see them and most of the time we don’t. In our midst. In our country; a miracle happened in 2011 and it was in view for all of us to see. Her name is Gabrielle Giffords. A U.S. Congresswoman from the state of Arizona.

You remember her story back in January of 2011, while outside a grocery store, preparing to speak to her constituents, she was shot by a lone gun man with some sort of twisted agenda. She was waiting to do a presentation to her and happened to invite a young neighbor girl along that showed some interest in politics. Before she could even get started; tragedy struck.

I don’t want to spend much time on what happened. That atrocity isn’t the miracle. The miracle is that she is still here. Not only is she still here she is living and striving and the personification of a miracle walking, talking and breathing.

She has released a book: Gabby: A Story of Courage and Hope
She recently began a tour with the book and spoke to Diane Sawyer of ABC news. One of the adjectives used to describe her was having a never quit attitude. I love it. It is everything that I believe in and promote here through words, video and audio sources.

The piece done by Diane Sawyer is a true testament and shows her courage, grit and tenacity. She has come so far in just a short period of time. Her husband, Mark Kelly began recording her rehabilitation early on and said he did so because he knew she would want to know how it happened. Sadly there were six other people that died during that tragedy, including Christina Taylor-Green, who I spoke about earlier. Her bold endeavor to get back to good health is a true honor to the six that were lost on that day. She is a true inspiration.

One day I would love to interview her for this Blog, so I’m throwing that one to the universe.

Always Remember…You don’t have permission to Quit.

Jeffrey Washington

As a man I have to admit this is not easy to admit. To some extent I’ve felt over the years that Oprah and her show were geared so much towards women that it has always felt strange to get anything out of her show or more recently these lessons. I’ll tell you how we got here.

I’ve been watching these classes with my wife Amy. The shows come on five times a week, which seems like a lot. In addition to these days, on Friday, they have a live Web Cast that lasts for about 2 hours or so. I asked myself when these classes started if I wanted to watch them. The answer was yes. It brought me to an early chapter in Sidney Poitier’s book, The Measure of a Man. He wrote about scanning through the channels on his television looking for something worthwhile to watch. He used the clicker and scans through the channels a couple of times before he stops and asks himself, “What am I doing with my time?” He spoke of having intriguing people as close as a phone call and experiences even closer that he loved to do, but there he was punching the clicker looking for something on the tube.

I asked myself the same question with Oprah Winfrey’s show, Life Class. I,  like many,  waste a lot of time watching network television and come away from most of it with an empty feeling. Does it really, the television we watch, enhance our lives. Sure there are some shows that make you feel great after watching them but they are few and far between. Lately I’ve been more inclined to watch  television as if most of it is On Demand. I either pick a movie that has impacted me in some way or watch a few shows that seem to add something to my life. Oprah’s Life Class appears to do that. She is primarily just talking to us, the audience just like we are students or friends. She discusses many interesting topics and I would encourage you to check out her classes on the OWN channel. Check your local listings of course.


Always Remember…you never have permission to Quit.



Jeffrey Washington


I have to admit that I like it too. This guy has made a series of Allstate commercials. Not sure if it makes me want to buy Allstate insurance or not, but a few of them are quite entertaining.

She’s been an at home Mom for some time now and she finds this hilarious. Actually I don’t think she has ever dealt with a tantrum from our kids as she would have pulled the car over and handled the situation, but as mothers and fathers I think all of us can relate to the “little one” in the back having a meltdown.

Remember…You don’t have permission to Quit.

Jeffrey Washington

As I write this I’ve finished my 5th Crim 10 mile road race. I’ve done 5 in a row and the last 4 with my beautiful wife Amy. She is a great companion in this regard and I’ve always enjoyed doing the races and the training with her.

I thought I would try to describe what it feels like in this race. My wife and I usually walk, so we get an opportunity to see a lot of the sites and people. Along the course there are lots of people in bands playing music, folks giving us high fives and the crowds are just great. You can even get a beer at Cashew Point. The best way I can describe it is that it feels like we are walking through a giant hug. The love, gratitude and respect shown the race participants from the spectators is infectious. They are so giving with encouragement and the occasional laugh or two. You can feel their energy every step of the way and they truly make the race one of the highlights to my year, every year.

Sometimes, I think of leaving Michigan. Tired of the squalor, violence, joblessness…the list can go on and on. But there are a few things I enjoy here in Michigan that forces me to ask myself; would I really want to leave this. The Crim Festival of Races is one of those things. In the future I will expound on other things here that leave me with the same feeling. For now lets all bask in the glow of the moment. The Crim went well and Flint, my hometown, did us proud.

Until next time,

Jeffrey Washington

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