Back in the spring of 2011 I purchased a flashlight through Amazon.com. It was a 4 sevens Preon II LED flashlight, for anyone that may be interested. It has several modes, (Low, Medium, High, Strobe, SOS, Beacon (hi), Beacon (lo)), and at its highest output puts out 160 Lumens out the front. It was fairly expensive in the $40.00 range if my memory serves me. I really liked it untiiiiiiiil it stopped working.
Insert your choice expletive here, ——-> ___________.

I even checked the 4 sevens website because one reason that I bought it was because they tout a 10 year warranty. My heart was broken when I read on their website that they don’t accept returns for lights not purchased at their website. Argh!!! I put it away in my drawer and chalked it up as one of life’s lessons that was unfortunately too expensive.

Around November of 2011 the thought hit me that what I wrote above about the warranty made no sense at all. What kind of company only honors the warranty of their product if you buy it from them exclusively. As long as it was purchased from a reputable and authorized dealer it shouldn’t be any problem, right. I read through the warranty info on their website and realized that I read the whole thing wrong. It is true that they would only accept returns on items purchased on their site but I had to remember that I wasn’t trying to do a return. I was trying to get warranty service not a return.

I sent them an email and told them my situation and thought I would see what would happen. I figured what the heck if it didn’t work out I would be back where I started.

We exchanged a few emails and eventually was told to mail my light to them so that they could service it. It was right around the Christmas holiday when I sent it. I was glad that they sent an email telling me that they had received the light and it was in their repair system and that they would let me know what the next step would be. After Christmas they sent me another email saying that the light wasn’t being repaired but was being replaced with a refurbished model. A couple days later it was on its way back to me.

As I had hoped, once I got it back it worked just as it was supposed to and I was so glad that I finally read the right info about the warranty. It only took me about 6 or 7 months but it worked in the end.

During the first week of 2012 I get the light in the mail. It works great and I can’t be happier with their warranty service. They fully stood by their product and only wanted some proof of when I purchased it to do the work. All is well in the torch world.

Alright here we go…impromptu equipment check. Do you have on your person a flashlight. After what you read, I do. I never know when I may need some illumination. Do you?

Always Remember…You don’t have permission to Quit.

Jeffrey W. Washington

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