Back in April of this year (2011) a co-worker and fellow police officer came to court. He spoke to me and sat down next to me  to wait for his court case to be called.

After we exchanged a few jokes back and forth, a woman came out of the court room. She saw this officer and asked the detective she was with, “Is that my officer?” The detective confirmed that it was. She then walked over to this officer with tears rolling down from her eyes and gave him the biggest hug. At the time I didn’t know all the details, but I thought it was very sweet how she referred to him as “My Officer.” I also could tell by the way she teared up that whatever he did for her meant a great deal.

After she walked back into the court room, I asked him what happened.

He said that he and his partner, received a call about a B&E (Burglary). Once they arrived at the house they could see signs of forced entry. As they went around to the back of the house they saw a young boy, who pointed them to the back of the house. When they arrived there, they could hear what sounded like someone being beat up inside.

This officer said they entered quietly and found a subject, brutally beating a woman. The officer said he took out his duty weapon and ordered the subject to stop, which he immediately did. This woman that I spoke of earlier, had apparently been beaten so badly, she had blood coming from her eyes. By now she had obviously healed up well; months later.

As of this writing I’ve known of this officer for over 15 years or so. I have always found him to be a dedicated officer as well as former soldier in the U.S. Army.

This is just one example of an officer being a sheepdog and protecting someone when they’re at their greatest need. Just think if those officers came 30 minutes later. That woman possibly wouldn’t be here today to give that officer that great big hug of gratitude. I’m glad she made it and is here to tell her story. I wish her the best and I always wish the best to my colleague. On this occasion he displayed the best of what a police officer can do to guard those we are sworn to protect.




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