Star Date: 15 October in the year of 2012.


That’s about all I can say about this next chapter in the truck repair saga. Whew!!! I just took off the intake manifold and have started cleaning up the manifold. Some of the sites that I’ve been looking to for information, said that the manifold might need to be pried up since it is held down at the ends by a RTV silicone type gasket. Not so with mine. It came off easily, too easily. As a matter of fact the gasket on both ends, appeared awfully thin and probably was doing a poor job of sealing. I also looked at the old gaskets. They were in horrible condition. I thought I would see a few spots where the gaskets failed and were showing signs of failure. The end of one of the gaskets came off right in my hand and the other one was nearly as bad. There were also spots where it was obvious that the seal had failed. In a nutshell, the old gaskets personified massive failure.

I was shocked to find that the gaskets were a Fel-Pro product with a portion of it having a metal core. Let me back up and explain. The gaskets that were from the factory apparently were just plastic and were compromised by the new Dex-Cool coolant that General Motors began using in their vehicles. The new gaskets have a metal core over the entire area of the gasket, but the gaskets I took off had a partial metal core. It makes me think that these gaskets probably were replaced at some time in the past. I wouldn’t be surprised. When we bought the truck it had 124,000 miles and the son of the owner runs a garage about 15 miles from our home in Davison, MI, which is where we bought the truck in 2004.

On to cleaning up all the surfaces that are getting new gaskets and and RTV. I’ll try and add a few pictures with the next post about the truck.

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