Sometime ago, I went to a local grocery store near my home with my wife, Amy. We had a list of things we were getting and we were just walking around the store just like everyone else. I see this all the time and it drives me crazy. Women walking around with a shopping cart and their purse in the little fold out cart section, where kids or babies sit. You know the place, right in front of your hands. Usually their purses are in this basket wide open, with barely a thought to protecting their contents. It always strikes me as strange when a women walks around the store like this and when they see me coming down the aisle going in the opposite direction, they want to get back to their cart real quick and make sure their purse is secure. Why not protect your purse during the entire time you are at the store. Why not carry it on your shoulder, and tucked under your arm. Well I digress. Back to the story.

We come to the section of the store where all the potato salads, gourmet cheeses and the like are located. As my wife is walking around the display case on the other side a woman pulls up in front of me and parks her cart. Her purse is in the front and she walks away by at least six to eight feet. Just as she does this, I see a guy walk up about 3 feet from her cart and begin looking at the bulk cookies or something like that. He catches my eye because he walked up so quickly and he doesn’t have a cart or anything. He glances at the display and at her cart a couple times. I look at the lady and she is oblivious to the possible threat. The guy glances up at me. I figured the only way of thwarting what he may have been thinking of doing is to just stare him down and that is just what I did. I stood right where I was and just watched him. He looked at me, then her purse a couple times more, then he just walked off. Shortly thereafter, the woman comes back to her cart and she walks away as well. I didn’t say anything and I kind of regret it.

I told my wife, what I had seen and she says that I should have told the lady that I am a police officer and what I saw. I think she is right. Later on that day I think of how am I going to advocate for people to protect themselves on this blog, when I can’t do it near home, where I live and around the people that I serve everyday. She gave me something to think about and I plan to approach future situations differently.

I found a couple videos of this type of theft caught on tape. I hope you will look at them and ask yourself, have you permitted yourself to be this same type of victim. This goes back to previous post about, watching your surroundings, keep your head on a swivel. It happened so fast, these women probably didn’t realize anything until they got to the register and saw their purse or wallet were missing.

Most thieves are opportunists. They might not have been planning to steal, but since the opportunity is right there in front of them, they can’t resist. As stated earlier keep your purse under your arm on your shoulder or at least if your are buying a lot of things, put in in the larger part of the cart, where it will be hidden once groceries and other items are placed around it.

Remember…you don’t have permission to quit.


Jeffrey Washington


The title pretty much says it all.

I’ve probably been carrying concealed for about 20 years now and only recently have I asked myself the same question. As you can probably tell from pictures and videos of me, I’m not the smallest of fellas. I’m not the biggest either, but the thought of buying clothing a size or two larger than normal didn’t cross my mind until last year.

A few years back, I began running. Now I’m not talking about any Olympic caliber running, but something akin to the Jeff Galloway style of run/walking programs. I’ve enjoyed and have run several races including the annual Crim 10mile road race (4X) and the Brooksie Way Half Marathon (3X). In doing this I lost a bit of weight and went down a few sizes depending on the garment. I got rid of some of the larger clothing some time ago and was about to get rid of some more when the above question hit me.

For most people this would almost be sacrilegious…buy clothing bigger than I need. Well as a concealed carry practitioner, that is exactly what we should consider.

If you wear an inside the waist type of holster, you will need to have pants/slacks larger to accommodate the weapon and holster that you are carrying. Recently I’ve been using a Raven Concealment systems IWB holster made out of kydex.

If you wear an ankle holster, pencil thin straight legs  and most jeans are out. Boot cuts might be the order of the day.

For the ladies, for fitting clothing may not be the best for you either. I know many ladies carry their firearms in their purses, but that leads to another problem: weapon retention. What if that purse gets taken or removed from your person somehow. No what will you do. I personally believe body carry is the only truly secure option.

Ultimately it is your option. You have to do what is best for you and what works best for you. I do want to admonish you to put some thought to it as you make a choice. Your life may depend on it.


Stay safe my friends



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