Many people hear the term assault get it confused with the term battery. They believe that an assault is when someone literally strikes you with their hand or another object. An assault can be an action, verbal statement or a physical movement that would make another person believe that physical harm may come to them. A battery on the other hand is the actual hitting or striking of another person.

The other day I was talking to a couple of my kids about situational awareness when we went to our local TargetĀ® store. I was telling them that it is a good idea when in a parking lot to park some distance from the front door. That helps when you return to your car and can look around and see if your being followed or watched. If you’re parked right in the middle of the lot or near the front, an attack can happen before you are aware that the threat is near. I told them that if someone approaches them in a parking lot, they should look that person right in the eyes. If the person wants something specific, such as giving out literature(??) or selling something, they will make that information known right away. If they are there planning to hurt you, your turning around may catch them off guard and they might not know what to say. If you see that pause, prepare yourself. Look that person right in the eyes and get ready for the fight. It might or it might not come but be ready.

Now there are no guarantees in life, but in my experience, criminals are opportunists to a great degree. They search out weakness, whether it is in a person, place or thing. Once they find that weakness, they pounce on it. This is similar to a leopard in the wild. They look for and hunt the most weak of the herd and pounce on their prey. Are you the “weak” (ling) they are looking for. How often do you see the strongest person in a group get attacked. I’m not speaking of physical strength. I’m talking about inner strength and courage that can be seen to the outside world.

Let me bring it up in another way that maybe everyone has seen or experienced: bully’s. Remember that bully from you teenage years. Did they pick on the jock starting football star or did they pick on the feeble looking nerd sitting quietly in the back of the class. I bet all of you said they picked the latter. As you can see in this video that doesn’t always work like the bully intends.

Don’t be that weakness that they are looking for. Be the strength that will protect you and yours and possibly save your life. Stand tall as you’re walking down the street or in the parking lot. Be aware of your surroundings and remain aware of potential threats.



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