You may have heard this story about the 8 year old Jewish Brooklyn boy that was returning home from his summer camp and was accosted and mutilated by a man chopped up and left for dead. The story is almost so horrendous there aren’t words to explain it.

How can I even say what the parents could have done differently and how it might have saved this boys life. The pain of it all is so visceral.

I’m so glad he was caught. Caught by some of our protectors…my brothers and sisters in law enforcement as well as the community at large that lent their assistance.

I don’t have any unique words of wisdom of how to protect yourselves from a wolf in sheep’s clothing like this alleged suspect. If he did what he is accused of he is the worst type of person imaginable.

This reminds me of a video that I made a favorite a long time ago on my YouTube channel (Click on the YouTube Join Us button on the left):

It speaks of what we are up against and how we must stay ever vigilant and watch out for each other.

How has this affected you? Has this story made you change things in your life?

Please comment below and let us know your feelings.

Take care and continue to watch after each other.


Jeffrey Washington





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