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In the past few days you’ve probably heard the stories of the former Penn State assistant football coach, Jerry Sandusky who allegedly molested at least 8 boys while coaching at the school and shortly after he retired in 1999. Long time coach, Joe Paterno, who had planned to retire at the end of the season amidst all the controversy was fired by the Board of Trustees. Remaining on the staff is assistant coach Mike McCreary who observed the molestation of a 10 year old boy. I wondered what type of molestation they were speaking of. I’m not making the assumption that there are acceptable degrees of abuse but I was curious what happened. Apparently Coach McCreary was allegedly witnessed this boy being sodomized.

I listened to radio shows discussing this throughout the last couple of days and I have to say it made me more and more angry. There have been riots near the Campus of Penn State University by supporters of Coach Paterno. Where are the people in a rage over what happened to the young boys. As I said in the title it is our moral responsibility to protect those that can’t protect themselves. Apparently after witnessing the sodomy, McCreary went home and told his father and later reported Sandusky to Coach Paterno, who reported the incident up the chain of command. No one called the police from the school. They all took care of it in house.

The Huffington Post has a very detailed timeline of the events and I’ll let you refer to that for more specifics: Click Here

This was completely difficult to write about although I thought it would be cathartic. It wasn’t. I’m truly disgusted and disappointed. Some of the mothers of the boys reported inappropriate contact, regarding Sandusky, but there seems to be nothing from officials from the school. So many people dropped the ball that if it was a football game there would have been no game. You can’t play a game without a ball. How did the protection of these children come second to a game. Now I love watching football and college football is one of my favorite spectator sports, but it doesn’t give us permission to abdicate our responsibilities as men and women. As mothers and fathers. As moral adults. It hurts to know that there are people in the world like this that will prey on innocent children. And sadly there are those people that will do little to protect the young ones. They worry more about their reputations and little about the effect it will have on the remainder of such a young life.

Often when I am at work, I ask myself when I think of who we are protecting what does that person look like. In my mind we protect the children and the elderly. The children have their entire lives ahead of them. Lives that can flourish and have endless possibilities. The elderly because most of them have more than paid their dues. The have wisdom and a vulnerability that is gentle and prickly all at the same time. I love them because they have long moved being pretentious. What you see is what you get. I know there are exception, but in general this is the type of person I often come in contact with. Children have a similar quality to them. They have no pretensions as well because they haven’t learned them yet.

I guess there isn’t much else for me to say on this topic. Like I said earlier the whole thing disgusts me I can’t say it’s any easier to write about. Be good to each other and protect the innocent. They are depending on you.


Always Remember…You don’t have permission to Quit.



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