This is somewhat of an answer with no  end. There are many in our society that feel compelled to take the latest trajedy, whatever one it may be, and put their political playbook in play so to speak. Where does this leave us as American citizens, fighting battle after battle with no end in sight.

I haven’t always owned firearms in my life, but I never had any particular problems with them. Frankly it is never a conversation that came up in my family or with my friends families very much. I’ve always considered myself a student of history and all this talk about the 2nd Amendment had me doing a lot of research on our constitution and the beginning years of our country.

As a black man, I am quite aware that when the Constitution was created, it didn’t include my ancestors or people that look like me. Call me an idealist though; I still feel that the document was written for me. As I’ve been reminded so many times, the rights that were conveyed in the Constitution of the United States and the Bill of Rights, weren’t created by men. The only thing that occurred by these rights being included in the document was affirming what we all have a number of rights including  a right to defend ourselves from those that would want to hurt us…and that includes our government(s).

In the past two months I’ve written to my state and federal law makers more times than I have in my entire life. Although there are so many parts of this that I have no control over, I believe it is important to do my part.


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