Remember me talking about my find at my local Goodwill. The $30.00 guitar? Well about a year ago I had one of the strings break on it. Since I bought the guitar, I always wondered why did it have the nylon strings and not steel. Actually I thought someone made a mistake and put on the wrong strings or put on strings for a kid or something. A couple of the strings were the regular steel looking type and the rest were nylon. Well as I said, I took off the strings and put on a fresh pair of steel strings, I’m golden right? Wrong. I’ll get to that in a bit.

As I said in the last post, I put the guitar away and hadn’t even looked at it since some time in 2010. My wife bought my daughter Ashley and I a beginner guitar lesson DVD/CD combo. Oh I forgot to tell you about Ashley and how she got into guitar so to speak as well.

A couple years ago, we went with a bunch of family to Cedar Point Amusement park. We had a great time riding all the rides and I even got on the Raptor for the first time, (That was Fun). After I got off the Raptor with my other daughter Alyssia, we located Ashley along with my Aunt and a few of our young cousins. They were at the games area. As we walk up, they are all screaming and excited. Apparently Ashley had just one a choice prize at one of those ring toss games and the game host was making his announcement. “LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, WE HAVE ANOTHER CHOICE WINNERRRRRRR”. She had a choice between a couple of different stuffed animals and a guitar. She chose the guitar. For it to be a prize at an amusement park, it actually was pretty nice. It is a Fender Stratocaster type electric. I took it to the car and locked it up and she had fun the rest of the evening showing all the family her nice prize. Later on that year we got her a few accessories for it, amp, case, etc.

Now back to the present. Here we both are, guitars in hand, lessons needed, pronto. Otherwise the bending of out of tune strings just may kill us all.
I’ll continue with my next post on how things are going.

Always Remember…You don’t have permission to Quit

Jeffrey Washington

Ladies and Gentlemen. Everyday miracles happen. Sometimes we see them and most of the time we don’t. In our midst. In our country; a miracle happened in 2011 and it was in view for all of us to see. Her name is Gabrielle Giffords. A U.S. Congresswoman from the state of Arizona.

You remember her story back in January of 2011, while outside a grocery store, preparing to speak to her constituents, she was shot by a lone gun man with some sort of twisted agenda. She was waiting to do a presentation to her and happened to invite a young neighbor girl along that showed some interest in politics. Before she could even get started; tragedy struck.

I don’t want to spend much time on what happened. That atrocity isn’t the miracle. The miracle is that she is still here. Not only is she still here she is living and striving and the personification of a miracle walking, talking and breathing.

She has released a book: Gabby: A Story of Courage and Hope
She recently began a tour with the book and spoke to Diane Sawyer of ABC news. One of the adjectives used to describe her was having a never quit attitude. I love it. It is everything that I believe in and promote here through words, video and audio sources.

The piece done by Diane Sawyer is a true testament and shows her courage, grit and tenacity. She has come so far in just a short period of time. Her husband, Mark Kelly began recording her rehabilitation early on and said he did so because he knew she would want to know how it happened. Sadly there were six other people that died during that tragedy, including Christina Taylor-Green, who I spoke about earlier. Her bold endeavor to get back to good health is a true honor to the six that were lost on that day. She is a true inspiration.

One day I would love to interview her for this Blog, so I’m throwing that one to the universe.

Always Remember…You don’t have permission to Quit.

Jeffrey Washington

I just posted my 50th post on my blog and it happened to be the one on Honor posted for recognizing the soldiers near and far on Veteran’s Day 2011.

This isn’t a large number of posts, but it is always important to recognize accomplishments and milestones however small. It took some years to realize it, but I have always enjoyed writing and this blog has given me a platform to do just that. I’ve enjoyed the comments from some friends and family and some comments from some of my “new” friends who found some usefulness in my words.

Throughout my life I’ve always been a laid back, quiet person and for the longest thought I didn’t have much to say. With the encouragement of my lovely wife Amy, who has been wonderful in helping me on this journey, I decided to take the plunge. I don’t regret it one minute. Amy has helped me realize that I do have something to say and juuuuuust maybe a few people might want to read them. 🙂

I want to thank those of you that have taken time out of your day and read a few of my post. Your concern and interest means a great deal. For those that have taken the time to comment, I appreciate you even more. The fact that you’ve shared some of your insights with me and readers of my blog…words can’t explain my sincerest and most heartfelt thank you.

I look forward to many days, months and years of sharing my thoughts in this new genre of social media. I have enjoyed catching up with friends and family that have been on the periphery of my life in recent times. Now we’re closer and I like that. I look forward to conversing with those new friends that will be strolling by as well.

Thanks again everyone. For everything.

Always Remember…You don’t have permission to Quit.

Jeffrey Washington

Many people don’t think about this beforehand and then find themselves stuck in this very situation. With a little foresight and planning you may just be able to get out from under the problem without any hurt or harm coming to you and yours.

Picture this scenario. I pack up my family and tell them we are going to a festival at the Hart Plaza in downtown Detroit. We decide to take a bit of a scenic route and drive our car towards downtown through various neighborhoods on Woodward Ave, which goes from Pontiac to downtown Detroit. Now if you’ve ever been where I’m speaking of, you know that there are parts of this street that have some of the nicest homes and small businesses that don’t make you feel nervous at all. Then there are other parts, “the hood”, where you better watch your back and the persons beside you as well. I use this location as an example, but let’s be real. There are parts of most cities that most of us wouldn’t be caught in if we had a choice.

Now imagine, if while we are driving through the rough part and our car breaks down. Now I know what is probably going through your mind. You may be thinking, I’ll just use my cell phone and call for help or call AAA or something like that. I admit in a pinch that is your best option. And it’s always good to have options. What if I tried all of that and nothing worked. NOTHING. Now I’m stuck with my family in our car, in a neighborhood I know nothing about and I might need to walk to get some help. How are you going to do it. I’ll give you three words: Act As If.

Act as if, walking in this neighborhood, is as normal as the sun coming up in the east in the morning. Act as if, there is nothing to be nervous about and you can get to your destination or find that help you need.

You may want all of you to stay together if you have to leave the car. If that is the case, make a point to blend into the surroundings as best as possible. Look around at the people walking around in the neighborhood. How are their clothes fitting, colors worn, etc. Do all that you can to make yourself and the members of your family look like you belong in that neighborhood. If you are a family group but you don’t see other entire family groups walking around, keep that in mind. You can split up and walk on different sides of the seat or one group ahead of the other to give more space and bring less attention to yourselves. Use your imagination, but by all means don’t forget to, act as if. If you have little kids, make a game of pretend of the experience and have them be little actors.

No matter how difficult the situation may appear, the mental aspect of it can carry you through. If you believe that you can get through it, more than likely that is just how it will happen.

Remember…you don’t have choice to quit.

Jeffrey Washington

The title pretty much says it all.

I’ve probably been carrying concealed for about 20 years now and only recently have I asked myself the same question. As you can probably tell from pictures and videos of me, I’m not the smallest of fellas. I’m not the biggest either, but the thought of buying clothing a size or two larger than normal didn’t cross my mind until last year.

A few years back, I began running. Now I’m not talking about any Olympic caliber running, but something akin to the Jeff Galloway style of run/walking programs. I’ve enjoyed and have run several races including the annual Crim 10mile road race (4X) and the Brooksie Way Half Marathon (3X). In doing this I lost a bit of weight and went down a few sizes depending on the garment. I got rid of some of the larger clothing some time ago and was about to get rid of some more when the above question hit me.

For most people this would almost be sacrilegious…buy clothing bigger than I need. Well as a concealed carry practitioner, that is exactly what we should consider.

If you wear an inside the waist type of holster, you will need to have pants/slacks larger to accommodate the weapon and holster that you are carrying. Recently I’ve been using a Raven Concealment systems IWB holster made out of kydex.

If you wear an ankle holster, pencil thin straight legs  and most jeans are out. Boot cuts might be the order of the day.

For the ladies, for fitting clothing may not be the best for you either. I know many ladies carry their firearms in their purses, but that leads to another problem: weapon retention. What if that purse gets taken or removed from your person somehow. No what will you do. I personally believe body carry is the only truly secure option.

Ultimately it is your option. You have to do what is best for you and what works best for you. I do want to admonish you to put some thought to it as you make a choice. Your life may depend on it.


Stay safe my friends



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