I have to admit that I like it too. This guy has made a series of Allstate commercials. Not sure if it makes me want to buy Allstate insurance or not, but a few of them are quite entertaining.

She’s been an at home Mom for some time now and she finds this hilarious. Actually I don’t think she has ever dealt with a tantrum from our kids as she would have pulled the car over and handled the situation, but as mothers and fathers I think all of us can relate to the “little one” in the back having a meltdown.

Remember…You don’t have permission to Quit.

Jeffrey Washington

As a lover of the Star Wars movies since my father took my sister and I to see the first one in 1977, I love this commercial with this little boy(s).


I hear the two little boys that played the Darth Vader role got a little bit of fame on their own from this commercial. Even though he is a bad guy, Darth Vader is my favorite character. He is conflicted on so many levels and in the end does the right thing.


May the force be with you,


Jeffrey Washington


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