This is more than a fleeting question. It is a question that must be individually pondered and considered carefully. Each of us…and I mean each of us, must come to our own conclusions of whether this is for us or not. Not only must you consider this question, but you must also decide for yourself if you could take the life of another if you had to to protect your life or the life of someone else. This is the most important question because if your answer is that you could not…then this is truly not for you. Don’t be upset or beat up on yourself. It is not for everyone.

If you asked yourself this very question and your answer was yes; then you should take the next step and find out what is required in your area to get a CPL (Concealed Pistol License) or a CCW  or CWP permit. In most states there are provisions that permit regular citizens to carry concealed. There are some states that do not permit. For people in those states, I feel for you. Keep fighting with your state and local legislator to change those laws that restrict concealed carry.

I have been carrying concealed for the better part of 24 years. It does not give me any unique form of security just carrying a weapon. With a tool there comes responsibility. If I were a carpenter and had a hammer, wouldn’t it be important for me to learn how the hammer works and practice with it. I would have to feel proficient with it long before I would call myself a carpenter or handyman. The same level of responsibility is directly attached with carrying a concealed weapon.You must learn how your weapon of choice works and practice, practice, practice. Don’t leave your life to chance.

Now some may ask what about open carry and why am I leaving out the advocates for that. Well actually I’m not. Open carry is a much more politically charged activity that we will address on this blog at a later date. I do have one primary concern with open carry
everyone knows you’re carrying including the bad guy(s). As a police officer, I’ve obviously open carried for more actual hours than concealed carry, but it comes with its own batch of problems. Not only will you having a weapon not be a secret, but you will also now have to worry about weapon retention. If someone walks along the side of you and you have a weapon, you must be fully aware if they have any ill intentions.

I believe in concealed carry and am glad that it has spread across our nation. The more good and honest people there are carrying at any given time, the more may be able to deal with a deadly force encounter if it presents itself. I would suggest the following website: for more information on concealed carry and states that permit it and their reciprocity with other states.

Take this decision seriously. You know how the saying goes, with liberty comes great responsibility.


Take care and be safe,




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