Back to the story. I think I said earlier that my daughter, Ashley offered to help me with the installation of the transfer switch. I took this as a good sign and took her up on her offer. We did all of it together. I’m proud of her for wanting to help by being right there next to me doing everything. We had plenty of time to talk about the respect for the danger of electricity. I told her what to do in case somehow I am electrocuted. She looked sort of wide eyed at first but understood my meaning. I told her not to touch me. To go get help, BUT, to make sure that if my wife came down to keep her from coming over to grab me as well. Now that I think of it it is scary thinking about it. If I’m electrocuted at the box it wouldn’t be just a little tingle. It would probably be over.

Needless to say we were extremely cautious and took each and every step slowly.

In conclusion, I’ve often asked what this experience has meant to me. Unofficially I’ve asked many of the people that I come in contact with everyday, if they lost power. This usually leads to a conversation of whether or not they had some type of emergency procedure already in place. People that live outside of the city that I live in mostly have well pumps and sump pumps. Without power their basements can flood and they would have no water. I didn’t have that concern and looking back that costs me in terms of preparation. Even when we had outages of a few hours or a day and the weather was warmer, we could pick up dinner, turn on some candles and ride it out. Not this time. This type of cold took no prisoners.

As I write the final words on this story I think of all the people that went through the experience as we did. Many of them will put their collective heads back in the sand. A few will use that proverbial pain and get a bit more organized. I want to be a part of the latter. For me and my family it is important. Perhaps we will never use these preps. If not, that will be great piece of mind.

I’m not convinced. Our modern society has not on whole gone about decreasing our dependence on electrical energy. We’ve expanded it exponentially. I plan to learn more of the old ways. Of times when there wasn’t a switch to turn on, or a device to charge up. Frankly, I sort of like the times when we have lost power. Not the cold but the unplanned stuff that comes along with it. I like that it forces us to come together. Sister speaking with brother, neighbor speaking to neighbor, families spending time together, it’s wonderful. In those six days I spent more time talking with my 13 year old son, Jorden, than I probably do in a year’s time. That is sad, but at least I’m aware of it. I’m determined and I’ve told him as much, that I want us to spend more time with each other. He even has more of a sense of humor than I knew of.

Learning these lessons made it all worth while. I don’t want to do it again…but I wouldn’t trade the experience. I consider it life changing and thought provoking.

If you were a part of it, did it change how you think?

For me………………………..It Did?


Take care, Constant Reader.

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