This is the start in a series of posts about our experience. It will include a few pictures and some video. If you’ve had a similar experience, please share what you’ve learned from it. It was one of the most significant events in my life. So here is our story. My family and I are just about as regular as you can imagine from a group of five Americans. Amy , my wife and I have been married just about 24 years as I write this. We have 3 children, Alyssia (20), Ashley (18), Jorden (13). I consider us a close family although we value our privacy. We home school our kids which means we all spend a lot of time together. The last few years I’ve been studying preparing  for disasters whether man-made or not and have done a few things although the process is painfully slow since extra money isn’t abundant.


Well lets get started.

The date was December 21st, 2013. It was a few days before Christmas (One of our favorite holiday seasons) and we are making preparations for the upcoming holiday. Just this day my wife Amy and I went to a local grocery store and bought all the components for the upcoming holiday meal and desserts. I even bought what I needed for my fudge, which everyone has seemed to really like the past few years.

Ironically I was supposed to make fudge when we went to Mackinac Island this past summer. This vacation spot is well know for many fudge shops but since I consider myself pretty frugal, I like to make our fudge and take it with us. It tastes better to me; not so sweet. Well I forgot all about it until I smelled the first fudge shop.

I also took the upcoming holiday week off from work since Christmas was going to fall on a Wednesday this year. I don’t usually take off this much time around the holidays but what the heck, it felt right. Just before I go to bed on this Saturday night, I saw on the local news a bit of a weather report. It showed a storm front stretching all the way from Texas to New England with our state in its sights over the night. It looked like a big forward slash (/), across the eastern half of the country. (Below is a map from that day courtesy of the National Weather Service). Depending on where you were the temperature would dictate if you had rain, snow, sleet or freezing rain. Our area was looking like freezing rain. No problem since we had already done most of our shopping for the holiday. Gifts were all purchased, meals ready to be prepped, we’re good right? Not so much. Up  next, Constant Reader…Storm Day.


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