Today after getting off of work, I went by the Harbor Freight Tools store to get a couple tools that I needed to work on the pickup truck. No big deal just a few deep sockets, that I didn’t have. Well after picking up the items and looking around a bit more, I made my way to the front registers. There were two open, one by a lady that seemed like she didn’t want to be there. She was grumbling and complaining. The other was by a lady that at least appeared pleasant. You could even here a smile in here voice. I chose her line.

As I laid my items on the counter, she begins to ring them up. While she is doing that, I tell her that I’m going to take the little hand cart that I used while shopping and put it back by the front door. She immediately turns around and watches and says that I’m the only person she has seen put the carrier back. Now the counters are real small in this type of store so I ask her where do people usually leave them. She says they leave them right on the counter and she has to put them away. She said she realizes it is part of her job, but it is a hassle. She even told me about a customer, who came to her line, had a bunch of items she rang up and bagged, then tried to use a coupon that expired a day before. Now if you know Harbor Freight and their sales, you know that everything in these stores is on sale most of the time. If the coupon is expired, give it a few days, or weeks and it will be on sale again. Or just go to the store while the coupon is still GOOD.

She said this customer, just left everything on the counter and was mad at her and stormed out of the store, leaving all of their sacks. She commented that she often gets customers like that and sometimes she gets ones like me that make the process easier. I told her I appreciated the compliment, but I have worked at retail jobs and have wished the customers would be more courteous. I know the saying about the customer is always right, but what the heck, I’m not in retail anymore so I don’t have to follow the party line. Whatever happened to genuine courtesy from one to another. Just because someone is working at a business, doesn’t mean they deserve to be treated badly. They are human, just as I and deserve my respect as long as I receive theirs.

As I said this made me think that we need to treat each other better. Now I’m not speaking about going around with a perpetual stupid looking smile on your face and getting used and screwed by everyone around. I’m speaking of kindness. Kindness as a customer, kindness as a worker, kindness, as a citizen, kindness as a…human. I’m confident that if you give it and make yourself available to receive it, it will return to you in more ways than one. Be good to each other.

Always remember…you don’t have permission to Quit.

Jeffrey Washington

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4 Responses to We should be more courteous to each other.

  • I concur. 😀 We should be kind to one another. Not too long ago I heard something. It said something along the lines of “you never know what the other person is having to deal with, be nice to them” That is so true. Anyway, I believe that what goes around comes around. I also believe that if you are nice to others that most of the time they will be nice to you. Thanks for the reminder. Go Chicago…..errrrr I mean Lions!!

    • That is such a true assessment Jim. We never know what the other person is going through. I’ve had many occasions where kindness squashed all the anger they could muster. As long as it is reciprocated, I believe it is the best course of action. You know the more flies with honey than vinegar thing. Oh yeah…thanks for the half-hearted root for the Detroit Lions. 😉

  • Tammy says:

    Having worked in Human Resources for nearly a decade, I know first hand that the most difficult positions are normally the lowest paid. The “face of the company” who deals with complaints, does the manual labor, works outside in the heat, are the ones closest to minimum wage, yet they are the ones that have the most customer contact.

    I too have worked in retail and was shocked at the number of people who never looked at me. They would hand over money in my general direction, but seldom did people look me in the eyes. Ever since, I have made a point of looking directly at the clerk and smiling. Even if it’s a return, that person did create the faulty merchandise. Not surprisingly, people are more willing to help you when you’re nice to them!

    As the holiday shopping season approaches (!), thanks for the reminder.

    • Tammy, I concur wholeheartedly with your comments. While I’m at work as a Police Officer, I often come in contact with people that have been given the run around and been passed around from office to office. When they come by me, I do all I can to be their last stop. At times, I have to give them either bad news or news that isn’t what they hoped for. Usually if I give them my full attention and tell them what will be the real deal, they appreciate that more than being B.S.’ed to death.
      Courtesy is a gift that all of us can give as well as receive.

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