As many have said across the airways and internet since yesterday, Steve Jobs was a great man and I wanted to impart my personal feelings. We lost a giant in the technology industry that won’t soon be replaced. My heart goes out to his family as well as the Apple Computer family.

Most people have never met Steve Jobs; that includes me. My relationship begins with an iPod shuffle that I bought years ago. It was that old long white one that held about 256 MB of data. That Christmas, I received a $100.00 dollar gift card for my gift from my in-laws. As I’ve done many times before, I kept the gift card for several months, while I made the decision on what I wanted. I recalled vaguely hearing something about an item called an Ipod and thought I would go to Radio Shack to check it out. I had no other experience with mp3 players so this was completely new territory for me. As I said I picked up that shuffle and took it home. I was so pleased at how easy it was to add music to it through itunes. I barely had to read any instructions. I loved it. I didn’t like the lanyard that came with it, so I bought this long, small cellphone case and kept it in there. I took that thing everywhere with me. My 11 year old son has it know, but my heart has always been with that first one.

Over the years I’ve obviously upgraded to newer versions and passed down the older ones to the family. They all have their own newer ones now.

The one thing I wished I had been able to do is to perhaps talk with my father about them. I may have even bought him one or two by now. My father died in 1982 at the tender young age of 41 from a heart attack. He was a lover of music and had a pretty extensive vinyl album collection and a few 8-Tracks. Remember those?

Just the other day, before the death of Mr. Jobs, I was telling my wife, Amy that I wished my Dad was here, as I would have wanted to import a few newer versions of those old albums on to an Ipod for him. I think he would have loved it. To be able to take you entire collection of music with you in such a small package, still boggles the mind. I wish he could have experienced that. To the best of my knowledge he didn’t even get to see CD’s.

I’m so appreciative of the service that Mr. Jobs gave to the world. His love and passion are really inspiring. He brought countless to people an existence that was completely missing before him. I’ve listened to so many, artists, podcast, audio books on the go that I would have never been able to experience at home. The next time I’m doing a foot race, I’ll look around and see all the people with some version of an ipod or mp3 player and will think good positive thoughts about our friend, all of our friend: Steve Jobs.


Remember…You don’t have permission to Quit.


Jeffrey Washington


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