The sky is blue and the clouds are few, what now are we going to do. I guess we have to pay the bill. (Priceless)

Finally that slow moving rain storm left the midwest. It must have been camped out for a week or so. It looked like it went from Michigans Upper Peninsula to the Mid-Ohio Valley, Minnesota to Buffalo, NY. It was moving east at a snails pace. It wasn’t a lot of rain, just persistent and unpredictible. Just ask the Detroit Tigers and the New York Yankees. Even they got rained out on the last day of September.  Well moving on.

The crew came back and finished our roof.  Actually one of the guys from the crew came back on Sunday evening around 6:30 pm and worked until dark. He told me he wasn’t scheduled to come, but thought he would try to finish the job if he could since he was in the neighborhood. We were so impressed with his dedication, we gave him a small token for his troubles to buy lunch with or something. On Monday morning the 3rd, he finished up everything and did the final clean up. Oh Happy Day.

Our house is dry and I love that. We have to pay the remainder of the bill. Do I love that? Well not so much. 🙂

I’m glad we went this route. If I had done it myself, I would still be doing the tear-off part. These guys have so much skill that goes along with their experience. Watching them stand backwards on the edge of the roof, laying down the first row or two of shingles reminded me I was way out of their league. I’ll stay in my lane.

Now on to the next project.


Remember…you don’t have permission to Quit.


Jeffrey Washington







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