I came across a video for the Super Siphon on a YouTube channel that I subscribe to by a guy that goes by the name “TheRoadWarri0r”. He made a video about refueling in SHTF situations. Initially he made a video with several 5 gallon cans in the back of his Ford Pickup. As he tried to refuel he had problems lifting these massive cans, spilling gas and the regular cluster of problems. Apparently he then found the Super Siphon and tried it out. He remade the videos with it showing the vast improvements. He also comments on the improvement in safety since he can cover his six while the siphon does most of the fuel exchange. Check this video to get a feel for how it works.

Although this is used for fuel in the video and I have used it myself for the same type of thing, it can be used for any liquid. I use one exclusively for fuel and keep the other for any other liquids. I’ve used it and this is an excellent product. Check out our link on the Carousel of my Favorite Things on the lower right menu area. It’s relatively inexpensive and you won’t be disappointed.

Remember…You don’t have permission to quit.

Jeffrey Washington

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