On July 21, 2011, I decided to venture downtown during the evening, in my hometown of Flint, MI. There was slated to be a car show. Now a car show on a Thursday evening is a little strange around these parts, but it is supposed to be a celebration of the 100th anniversary of Chevrolet, a division of General Motors. I figure what the heck, I own two Chevrolets and drive them at work, why not go down to take a look.

When I get home from work, I change out of my uniform and get ready. My oldest daughter, Alyssia, asks if she can come along. No problem I tell her…just hurry up. You know these teenage girls; if you don’t put a fire under them they will be primping and prodding to look perfect right past all the festivities.

We get down there and see lots of cars parked right on the “Bricks” on Saginaw street in Downtown Flint. There are lots of great and beautiful cars. I thought I had my video camera until I got there and found a bag with accessories and no camera. Dooooh.

As we walk around we talk with and listen in on some great conversations with car owners. Now this isn’t just you average local car show with a few locals and some folks from adjoining states. One guy drove his classic all the way from Texas, 1400 miles. Another guy was describing his vintage 50’s era air conditioning system on his classic. It was a strange looking cylinder on the passenger side window of the vehicle. As we finish talking with him, I see a local news anchor, Angie Hendershot walking up. I figure she is going to talk with this guy so we start backing up. She then asks me if I mind her talking with me about the car show and what it means to have it in Flint. I agree and she shoots me a few questions. Now call me dumb; I know she is a TV personality, but I’m wondering why she is talking to me with just a microphone. She asks a half dozen short questions or so and thanks me for talking with her. As she walks away, I see she joins up with a camera man in the middle of the street who was taping the whole thing. Whaaaaaaaat. We were on the sidewalk. I had no clue. Was my hair ok? Was anything in my nose? I felt pretty calm during the interview. Heck had I known that I was being taped I probably would have been a lot more nervous.

Anyway I spoke highly of the event and how great it was in my hometown and how Flint could use some good press. I have no idea if the segment will be on the TV or edited out as I write this. If it is I guess I should add a bit more to this post since, I think I might be famous…well not so much.

Take care of each other,

Jeffrey Washington

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