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I came across a video for the Super Siphon on a YouTube channel that I subscribe to by a guy that goes by the name “TheRoadWarri0r”. He made a video about refueling in SHTF situations. Initially he made a video with several 5 gallon cans in the back of his Ford Pickup. As he tried to refuel he had problems lifting these massive cans, spilling gas and the regular cluster of problems. Apparently he then found the Super Siphon and tried it out. He remade the videos with it showing the vast improvements. He also comments on the improvement in safety since he can cover his six while the siphon does most of the fuel exchange. Check this video to get a feel for how it works.

Although this is used for fuel in the video and I have used it myself for the same type of thing, it can be used for any liquid. I use one exclusively for fuel and keep the other for any other liquids. I’ve used it and this is an excellent product. Check out our link on the Carousel of my Favorite Things on the lower right menu area. It’s relatively inexpensive and you won’t be disappointed.

Remember…You don’t have permission to quit.

Jeffrey Washington

Sometime ago, I went to a local grocery store near my home with my wife, Amy. We had a list of things we were getting and we were just walking around the store just like everyone else. I see this all the time and it drives me crazy. Women walking around with a shopping cart and their purse in the little fold out cart section, where kids or babies sit. You know the place, right in front of your hands. Usually their purses are in this basket wide open, with barely a thought to protecting their contents. It always strikes me as strange when a women walks around the store like this and when they see me coming down the aisle going in the opposite direction, they want to get back to their cart real quick and make sure their purse is secure. Why not protect your purse during the entire time you are at the store. Why not carry it on your shoulder, and tucked under your arm. Well I digress. Back to the story.

We come to the section of the store where all the potato salads, gourmet cheeses and the like are located. As my wife is walking around the display case on the other side a woman pulls up in front of me and parks her cart. Her purse is in the front and she walks away by at least six to eight feet. Just as she does this, I see a guy walk up about 3 feet from her cart and begin looking at the bulk cookies or something like that. He catches my eye because he walked up so quickly and he doesn’t have a cart or anything. He glances at the display and at her cart a couple times. I look at the lady and she is oblivious to the possible threat. The guy glances up at me. I figured the only way of thwarting what he may have been thinking of doing is to just stare him down and that is just what I did. I stood right where I was and just watched him. He looked at me, then her purse a couple times more, then he just walked off. Shortly thereafter, the woman comes back to her cart and she walks away as well. I didn’t say anything and I kind of regret it.

I told my wife, what I had seen and she says that I should have told the lady that I am a police officer and what I saw. I think she is right. Later on that day I think of how am I going to advocate for people to protect themselves on this blog, when I can’t do it near home, where I live and around the people that I serve everyday. She gave me something to think about and I plan to approach future situations differently.

I found a couple videos of this type of theft caught on tape. I hope you will look at them and ask yourself, have you permitted yourself to be this same type of victim. This goes back to previous post about, watching your surroundings, keep your head on a swivel. It happened so fast, these women probably didn’t realize anything until they got to the register and saw their purse or wallet were missing.

Most thieves are opportunists. They might not have been planning to steal, but since the opportunity is right there in front of them, they can’t resist. As stated earlier keep your purse under your arm on your shoulder or at least if your are buying a lot of things, put in in the larger part of the cart, where it will be hidden once groceries and other items are placed around it.

Remember…you don’t have permission to quit.


Jeffrey Washington


As a lover of the Star Wars movies since my father took my sister and I to see the first one in 1977, I love this commercial with this little boy(s).


I hear the two little boys that played the Darth Vader role got a little bit of fame on their own from this commercial. Even though he is a bad guy, Darth Vader is my favorite character. He is conflicted on so many levels and in the end does the right thing.


May the force be with you,


Jeffrey Washington


It’s amazing what a few years will do for the skin. Usually you hear that with more youthful exuberance. My eyes don’t work as fast as they used to. A few aches I didn’t have before. Takes a bit longer to get up in the morning and who’s idea was ear and nose hair. All signs of getting older, but I am so grateful. Many people loathe the incremental increases in age. I embrace it. No day, including today, is promised to us, so I like to embrace them all like a bear hug.

My father, Joe Washington, didn’t make it this far. He died from a heart attack when he was 41. Actually barely 41 for only a couple months. His father, died at 41 and his brother died when he was about 40 or 41 as well. Needless to say I’m grateful for each and every day. I always try to honor his memory and legacy and make him proud of his oldest child. Not a day goes by that I don’t think about him.

I must admit it feels a little strange. As exciting as it is,  it also feels like I’m hiking down this path that’s uncharted and never been used. I hope I live a good long life and in the best health that I have control over. I am overweight, but I try to stay fit. I’m still training for two half marathons in October 2011. My 4th and 5th and I can’t wait.

I’m excited to be at 44 and looking forward to more than just watching a ball game or something like that. My oldest daughter graduated from high school this year and I’m looking forward to great things from all three of my children. They are great young people that make me so proud  and they should do well in life if they stay focused and never quit.

I imagine weddings and grandchildren are in our near future, but the thing that brings me the most joy is the 21+ years with my wife Amy. It is in my opinion the glue that holds our family together. She has been there for me  all this time as I always try to do the same for her. She is the love of my life and I look forward to many more years with each other. If she’ll have me. 🙂

Always remember…you don’t have permission to quit,


Jeffrey Washington


The topic may seem obvious. I’m energized…of course, right? Well not so fast. I’m energized for reasons not so obvious.

I saw a webinar post on another site about how a guy makes $500,000 per month on line. He was touted as some mystery guy that would reveal a “secret”, live during the webinar. I thought what the heck, it’s free, I’ll take a look. I wanted to see a webinar anyway since maybe, I’ll be hosting some in the future myself. As the webinar came on, 10 minutes late, I watch and listen as the host, Mike, speaks at length about this other guy he learned a money making secret from. After about 20 minutes, he introduces “Rob” to the webinar. Rob shows some screens of his Clickbank account and the nearly million dollars he has earned in commissions in 2011 alone. I thought there would be an opportunity to ask questions, but these two guys talked the entire time. He says that he is going to show us how this program that he developed works and we can watch him make money in real time. He made up a new clickbank account and picked an affiliate. He took some keywords, he already had and plugged all of it into this program. He then talked about other stuff while it supposedly worked in the background. Within 20 minutes he refreshes his click bank account and there is a little over $300.00 there.

I’m energized for two good reasons. I listened to my conscience and I didn’t push “send”, figuratively and literally. It was one of those things that sounds too good to be true. Even these guys said they thought it was illegal to do this when they first saw it. He went on and on about how he was giving back and wanted to pick a select few (15) to offer this opportunity to. He said several times that he didn’t need the money, but the sales pitch was laid on pretty thick. Even after the webinar was over, I got an email, telling me there were only two spots remaining. Now for there to supposedly be nearly 1000 people on the line for the webinar, I’m surprised that he didn’t sell these 15 spots in 60 seconds. Oh yeah, did I tell you the software cost $1000. About an hour after he first told us how to get this program, he was still trying to sell 2 of 15 spots. Now I know times are tough, but I was surprised that it took so long for him to sell. Heck, maybe I was the only one on the line.

Near the end of the webinar, I heard Mike call this guy by a different name and he answered. Another red flag. Needless to say, there were a ton of red flags flying on this one. There was no explanation of how it worked. Just a lot of visual magic so to speak.

I’m energized because I didn’t take the plunge or drink the Kool-Aid, or whatever other euphamism I could use. I’m going to continue following my conscience and I will find success with my endeavors by good old hard work.

As I finish writing this post, I checked my email roughly 22 hours later. Another email talked about the 5600 people that were registered for this free webinar and how only 1000 got to listen. So what do you know, that one time event turned into, he is going to do another for the benefit of those that weren’t able to catch the first one.

Now don’t get me wrong. There was an element to this at was intriguing. If it does work like he explains, the affects on one’s life would be astounding nonetheless. My problem is not knowing how it works. I don’t have to know the technical aspects of the program, but an explanation of how this appeared to be pulling cash out of the air and sending out cash profits would have helped. From what I can tell about business, and this includes the Internet is that there isn’t a shortcut. If you want the holy grail of success, you must put in the time and effort.

Always remember…you do not have permission to quit.

Jeffrey Washington

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