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Many people hear the term assault get it confused with the term battery. They believe that an assault is when someone literally strikes you with their hand or another object. An assault can be an action, verbal statement or a physical movement that would make another person believe that physical harm may come to them. A battery on the other hand is the actual hitting or striking of another person.

The other day I was talking to a couple of my kids about situational awareness when we went to our local Target® store. I was telling them that it is a good idea when in a parking lot to park some distance from the front door. That helps when you return to your car and can look around and see if your being followed or watched. If you’re parked right in the middle of the lot or near the front, an attack can happen before you are aware that the threat is near. I told them that if someone approaches them in a parking lot, they should look that person right in the eyes. If the person wants something specific, such as giving out literature(??) or selling something, they will make that information known right away. If they are there planning to hurt you, your turning around may catch them off guard and they might not know what to say. If you see that pause, prepare yourself. Look that person right in the eyes and get ready for the fight. It might or it might not come but be ready.

Now there are no guarantees in life, but in my experience, criminals are opportunists to a great degree. They search out weakness, whether it is in a person, place or thing. Once they find that weakness, they pounce on it. This is similar to a leopard in the wild. They look for and hunt the most weak of the herd and pounce on their prey. Are you the “weak” (ling) they are looking for. How often do you see the strongest person in a group get attacked. I’m not speaking of physical strength. I’m talking about inner strength and courage that can be seen to the outside world.

Let me bring it up in another way that maybe everyone has seen or experienced: bully’s. Remember that bully from you teenage years. Did they pick on the jock starting football star or did they pick on the feeble looking nerd sitting quietly in the back of the class. I bet all of you said they picked the latter. As you can see in this video that doesn’t always work like the bully intends.

Don’t be that weakness that they are looking for. Be the strength that will protect you and yours and possibly save your life. Stand tall as you’re walking down the street or in the parking lot. Be aware of your surroundings and remain aware of potential threats.



Recently I came across an unfortunate story. It was about a couple that found a house on online. Apparently the house was what they were looking for and they bought it for $1600.00.  They packed up all their worldly possessions and moved from Upstate New York to Flint, MI. They brought all their possessions in a modified school bus.

Within 24 hours of moving to Flint; they were robbed at gun point and many of the items they brought with them were destroyed. This is unfortunate as it might have saved these people a lot of trouble. I’m not saying they shouldn’t have moved to this city or this area, but it would have been great to find out some information beforehand about the neighborhood or part of town they are moving to.

From this information what can we learn.

First of all, be extremely and I mean extremely careful about buying a house over the internet sight unseen. Whether you are purchasing a house to live in or as an investment property; there is nothing like going to the area and taking a look for yourself.

Some cities that have struggles with crime, have portions of their town that may need to be avoided. Not all parts of most cities are problems, but if they have a population of more than 25,000 or more there are probably some parts of town that are rough and you should think twice about moving or going there.

If I was moving to an area I didn’t know much about, I would do a couple of things. I would initially type the name of the city into a search engine such as Google®, Bing®, Yahoo®, etc. This will bring up a few pages where you can read about the city and a few bits of pertinent information about population density, crime statistics and some general history. I would also type in the name of the street along with the city name in a search engine. When I did this I got mostly sites with other houses for sale. Now this can help you decide if you are getting the best house in a bad neighborhood or maybe the fixer upper in a good neighborhood that is undervalued. You might also come across some news stories that might have listed an address on the same street either positively or negatively.

Another idea that might work well is to call the local police department or sheriff’s office and tell them you are thinking of moving to, such and such address and you were wondering if they would give you there opinion. Now this will probably be hit or miss. What you will need is to come in contact with is someone willing to take the time to give you there opinion. You might have to call a few times to get someone that will. I believe most officers will be willing to give you an opinion from their perspective as long as they aren’t restricted from doing so.

You can also call real estate offices, a local church office,  basically any place that would have a vested interest in that community and a long enough tenure there to give you an honest assessment. Speaking to a mail carrier or UPS delivery person may be a source of valuable information as well. I also believe that speaking to other residents in the neighborhood is good. Take some time and be careful with this. Watch how the neighbors interact with each other as well as visitors. If you’re afraid to speak to people based on how they act or look, how will you feel if you lived there.

Remember: None of these methods are fool proof and you could be lied to. If you believe in the general honesty of people and come across as sincere, you may just find someone with a tremendous amount of information and the willingness to give it to you. This all can help you in making the decision whether this area or neighborhood is right for you and your family.

Don’t forget. It doesn’t matter how great the deal is…if you can’t feel secure where you live, it will never work out.






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